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This is not a workshop. I am not going to tell you how to be happy, how to lose weight, how to make your first (or forty-first) million, how to sell your house, or how to find love. I am going to simply tell you a story and the story about how the story happens. I am going to tell it to you slowly, just as it unfolds and decides to be told, as it whispers and reveals itself to me. It’s a slow story, being written with the muse of slow cloth in the context of a not-so-slow life. Though there’ll be a book at the end (and if you join, you will receive a copy of it – more even, depending on which level you select), this blog is a living book unto itself. And like any living thing in its infancy, I don’t know how long it will live or how it will look when it grows up or what outside forces will shape it into what it becomes. I only know that creativity is pure magic, and there comes a time when a woman has to live by the seat of her intuition, trust her process, and grab her some of that magic. It may be an unusual way to tell a story – to sell the book at the seed stage and to show your work, but that is how this story (currently unfolding via a series of letters penned by a woman named Ever to her deceased husband, undated because I can’t decide on the time of year and out of order because I capture them as they come) begs to be told: a story of a woman wrapped in the story of cloth wrapped in the story of journey.

Feel free to peruse the free section by clicking on the “free” category and the about page and the TAQ’s (the Thoughtfully Asked Questions) then top it off with pulling up a chair via the join page. And don’t fret that we’ve already started. Once you join, you have access to everything, right from the beginning, so there’s no such thing as being late here. You’re always welcome, and there’s always enough fun to go around.


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